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Welcome to
ZNT International

ZNT INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading logistic companies present in Pakistan

ZNT INTERNATIONAL focuses on providing complex logistic solutions with the utmost consideration for the environment. In 2012,

The key aim of ZNT INTERNATIONAL is to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with our customers. This fact is reflected in the above-mentioned corporate motto: „Our team for your efficiency” always placing an emphasis on efficient and top-ranking logistic services.
The company prepares tailor-made solutions for each customer and their needs. Therefore, among other things, extraordinary attention is paid to innovation and continuous development of technologies and processes.
ZNT Int’l builds durable, efficient supply chains that power businesses and drive trade, creating access to new opportunities.

Our History
ZNT’s story parallels the rise of emerging markets in the global economy. Company Started to provide excellent services of Custom Clearance, Supply chain Management, Freight Forwarding and Packing’s, now trying to grew up and become the best logistics company in Pakistan. Today, our company seems to be the one of the worlds most reliable and efficient logistics services providers.

Our Structure
ZNT Int’l has two main lines of business. First, to move goods from door to airport/dry port and the other one to do Custom Clearance on our client’s ambitions. We work with companies like, Heavy industries; commercial importers, NGOs, Govt Depots, Foreign Embassies and distribute the goods that underpin global commerce. Through our Infrastructure portfolio of “most trusted company” we provide logistics-related services in all emerging markets that facilitate trade and create access to new opportunities. 

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